Progress on recent projects reviewed at IT Leadership Team

August 6, 2020

The Leadership Team met on July 30 to discuss the following projects and updates:

ITS Portfolio: FY20 Wrap-up and FY21 Kickoff

Thanks to some excellent planning, there is a noticeable amount of improved clarity around projects, heightened visibility around risks, and a better understanding of future expenders for ITS. 

Stephanie Scungio, ITS Shared Services, provided a summary of the financials and projects for fiscal years 20 and 21. 

For FY20, there were 30 projects scheduled for delivery by June 30. Of that number, 18 were completed, 6 are multi-year projects (underway) that will continue into FY21, with another 7 carrying some scope into FY21 for completion due to various challenges to include resourcing issues caused by the pandemic. One of the projects falls into two different categories and, therefore, is counted twice in the total. Financials for the central portfolio were well-planned for FY20 and fell within the allotted budget for the year. 

There was a lot of pre-planning for the FY21 process to ensure we continue to take steps forward to better align in many ways across the entire organization. The planning included 6 iterations and 4 Pillar Chair meetings prior to gaining approval from the Yale Corporation in June of this year. This resulted in 17 projects, 6 client portfolio and 11 central portfolio projects. 


Steve Gaudreau, Financial Systems and Solutions, introduced the new ePAY project. The eCommerce Payment Acceptance at Yale (ePAY) will ensure the University’s continued ability to accept credit card payments by implementing policies, procedures, and technology solutions that are PCI compliant. 

Yale processed 1.3 million credit card transactions last year. The eCommerce Payment Acceptance at Yale (ePAY) project will drive the implementation and management of an e-commerce platform for the University that will result in the standardization of credit card payment acceptance, processing, and reporting while meeting PCI compliance standards. The expected timeline for full rollout and compliance will be approximately 18 to 24 months.

COVID Testing & Tracing Program Overview

As the University returns faculty, staff, and students to campus ITS is playing a key role alongside a broad set of University departments in the academic restart. At the recent ITS Leadership Team meeting, Kathleen Omollo shared an update on how ITS is supporting the data and applications infrastructure enabling the complexity of Yale’s comprehensive testing and public health strategy for COVID-19. This is an everchanging effort supported by many individuals within Yale ITS, Yale Health, Office of Institutional Research, Yale New Haven Health System, and many other areas on campus to ensure the university has the infrastructure in place to track and report COVID-19 related testing data. The project aims to protect the health and safety of students, faculty, staff and provide coronavirus data for situational awareness to support university decisions about operations.

To learn more about the testing program at Yale, the master sources which are updated most frequently are: