Yale Public Safety staff receive Milestone Certifications

August 18, 2020

Yale University uses a video-camera system throughout campus as part of an overall security system managed and maintained by Yale Public Safety. That system is run with video software. Several Public Safety staff members are trained and certified on the Milestone Video Management Software system to be able to understand, access, and manage it. With the system, the public safety team managing it can view, save, and burn videos.

There are three different certifications available for the Milestone Video Management Software system: technician, system engineer, and design engineer. All certifications require retaking the test every two years to remain certified. Yale Public Safety is proud to congratulate four staff members, who have recently completed one or more of these certificates!

  • Jeff Goddu achieved all three certificates in July 2020
  • Jackie Killips renewed her MCIT in May 2020, achieved the MCIE in June 2020, and the MCDE in July 2020
  • William Goldbach renewed his MCIT in March 2020, achieved the MCIE in June 2020, and the MCDE in July 2020
  • Lisette Delgado achieved her MCIT in July 2020.

Below is more information on each certification:

  1. MCIT - Milestone Certified Integrated Technician
  2. MCIE - Milestone Certified Integrated Engineer
  3. MCDE – Milestone Certified Design Engineer