Hiring Spotlight – Andreus Locke

September 21, 2020

Andreus Locke was recently hired as an Archives Assistant at the Beinecke Library. Before that, he worked as a temporary Library Services Assistant at the Sterling Memorial Library.

Tell us about your career journey?
I had the pleasure of being a member of the New Haven Works job pipeline, which works in conjunction with the New Haven Hiring Initiative. I am grateful for the support I received during this process, but it was a marathon, not a sprint. My process started in March of 2019, and through perseverance, I secured a temporary assignment at the Yale Sterling Memorial Library in October of that year. In December, I was presented with an opportunity that would allow me to be a full-time Yale employee with benefits.

What else did you find helpful?
The program gives clients direct access to great opportunities. If you utilize all tools and resources that are provided, it is 95% guaranteed that you will be presented with employment opportunities. It is up to the individual to be present, available, and prepared for all challenges of the job search. The staff at New Haven Works will provide all the tools needed to be well prepared for any employment opportunity presented. You will develop and display your skills during the mock interviews, workshops, and skill-building sessions along with employer meet and greets. You will be given constructive feedback from interactions and events, so you know where to make improvements.

Your Manager, Todd Fell stated that even though you recently joined the team, you already made significant contributions. He mentioned that you had great ideas to eliminate a backlog worth millions of dollars of print materials. Can you tell us more about that project?
First, I would like to thank Todd for giving me this opportunity. He is a great manager and I really enjoy working with him. I’m working on the Backlog Resolution Project for the Printed and Archival departments. My role consists of coordinating the movement of items through every stage of the project. Upon my arrival, I identified these collections and moved them into the designated area, as they await processing. Also, I created designated locations and assigned all the items into these locations. Our team completed the prep work and the actual project will begin soon. I am very excited about this and l feel honored for taking part in this backlog reduction project.

What are your tips for success?
“If you plan to excel in big things, you have to develop the habit in the small ones”. Be open enough to work in a temporary assignment. It could lead to much more. Come prepared and have positive expectations whenever you step into the office. Lastly, know your overall presentation and posture matters regardless of the type of day you’re having.