Hospitality Spotlight on COVID-19 Testing Staff

September 18, 2020

Since March, our staff has continued to show just how dedicated and nimble they truly are! We’ve shifted operations and roles, and reassigned members to areas previously unfamiliar to them – each carrying their weight with grace and positivity. When our team was tapped to take on COVID-19 testing, it served as a testament to our work ethic and ability to tackle every opportunity thrown our way.

And we’ve come a long way: September 15 marked the opening of our 16th testing site! This latest location is at Yale on York, the biggest testing site yet – providing the capacity to test over 2,000 individuals per week, and the potential to grow beyond that number should the need arise.

We extend our thanks and gratitude to all who supported these efforts, from the first testing site until now. As an integral leader on this team, we’d like to recognize Christian Berrios for his hard work and dedication throughout this process. He has gone above and beyond in leading all aspects of the testing sites, including supply distribution, scheduling, new location set-up, logistics, unforeseen issues, and day-to-day operations. Christian has also built Team Leads in all Test Sites, which has been instrumental in ensuring consistency and operational excellence.

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of the entire COVID-19 Testing Staff, we’re able to continue and enhance testing, helping to reduce the spread of Coronavirus within our Yale community and beyond.