New Workday Supplier Request questionnaire

September 23, 2020

Supplier Request Now Includes a Questionnaire
The Supplier Request process in Workday, referenced in the new 3401 PR.01 – Supplier Setup, now includes a questionnaire to capture additional information.  

After the Cost Center AP Specialist submits a supplier request, in most cases, the confirmation screen will now include a Complete Questionnaire button, as shown below. The Cost Center AP Specialist should click the Complete Questionnaire button to respond to the questions.

The questionnaire will differ depending on whether you will be setting up a Business Organization or an Individual as a supplier.

Questionnaire for Business Organizations
For business organizations (e.g., Sole Proprietor, U.S. Corporation, U.S. Partnership, and Foreign Business Entities), seven multiple-choice questions are presented.  These include:

  1. What is the estimated spend you anticipate with the supplier during the next 12 months?
  2. Is there a current university-preferred or alternate supplier identified in the Yale Buying Guide that supplies the same products or services?
  3. Is the supplier address located in a foreign country?
  4. Has the supplier requested an advance payment for prospective goods or services?
  5. Does the supplier meet any of the classifications below? You’ll be asked to identify if the supplier is a Disabled and/or Veteran-Owned Business, a HUBZone business, a Minority-owned business, a New Haven-owned business, a Woman-owned business, or Other.
  6. Please check the commodity area(s) for the supplier.
  7. If Purchase Orders will be issued to the supplier, provide the email address or fax number to which POs will be sent.

Based on the questionnaire responses, the request may be routed to Procurement for review.  If Procurement has further questions regarding the supplier setup, they may contact the supplier request initiator.  Once Procurement completes its review, the request is then forwarded to Accounts Payable for their review and approval.

Questionnaire for U.S. or Foreign Individual
For setting up a U.S. or Foreign Individual as a supplier, three questions are presented:

  1.  Is the individual a student? If yes, you will be prompted for student’s University Personal Identifier (UPI)
  2. Is the individual a Yale University employee? if yes, you will need to explain the rationale for payment via supplier payment rather than payroll or expense reimbursement
  3. If Purchase Orders will be issued to the supplier, provide the email address or fax number to which the POs will be sent.

Responses to the questionnaire are required. The supplier request does not route to Procurement or Accounts Payable until the questionnaire is completed and submitted. If the Cost Center AP Specialist does not complete the questionnaire when they first submit the supplier request, the questionnaire becomes an action item in the Inbox, as shown below.

Please review the Supplier Request Questionnaire Job Aid to learn more.


Please contact the Finance Support Center through email at or 203-432-5394 with any questions.