‘Respected, motivated, and recognized’ among feedback From IT Workplace Survey

September 3, 2020

The 2019 Workplace Survey, conducted between November 4 and December 6, 2019, provided the University with feedback on areas such as: commitment, communication, decision making, development, diversity, innovations, leadership, performance management, productivity, rewards, teamwork, and well-being.

Starting in February, the ITS Senior Leadership Team evaluated Information Technology’s results and found that majority of IT is:

  • proud to work at Yale University
  • treated with respect by peers and managers
  • encouraged to speak up and make suggestions on how IT can improve
  • motivated and encouraged by managers to give their best
  • recognized for high quality performance

Based on the data, the Team also identified opportunities for improvement, including:

  • pay equity
  • workplace diversity
  • career paths and professional development
  • consistency in performance reviews and performance feedback
  • communication throughout the leadership structure and timely decision-making that doesn’t slow IT down

As a result, the SLT (in consultation with Climate, Culture, and Inclusion (CCI) Task Force) identified nine improvement initiatives to address these areas of opportunity:

  1. Examine total rewards and pay equity
  2. Implement inclusive recruiting practices
  3. Promote transparency and provide access to senior management
  4. Simplify career paths and alignment to market data
  5. Address 25 Science Park safety
  6. Assure 1:1 feedback consistency across M&P & C&T staff, and address poor performers
  7. Research “high tech” firm employment practices, culture, and retention strategies
  8. Ensure fairness of opportunity: 360 Feedback, mentoring, expanding the diversity and inclusion curriculum, and building on our FY20 Unconscious Bias training
  9. Establish ITS work-from-home guidance for staff

To ensure that progress is made on each of the nine initiatives, we are organizing this work into the aptly named “2019 Workplace Survey Initiatives Program,” led by Ryan Schlagheck, Senior Director, Enterprise Reporting & Analytics, and initiatives will be led by leaders across multiple levels of the organization, including the Senior Leadership Team, the IT Leadership Team, and the CCI Task Force. As progress is made, additional details will be shared in the IT Update.

Thanks to everyone who shared their views on IT’s workplace. Your input is valued and will allow IT to continue to enhance its climate, culture, and inclusion practices.

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