Action required - CorVel to administer workers’ compensation claims effective November 1, 2020

October 21, 2020

As of Sunday, November 1, 2020, Yale began partnering with the third-party vendor, CorVel, to administer its workers’ compensation claims. FutureComp no longer handles workers’ compensation matters. Starting November 1, 2020 all existing claims, as well as new claims, reside with CorVel. Transition letters were sent to staff with open, existing claims. With this vendor change is a change in process, as outlined below and some action required before you can submit new claims.
When an on-the-job injury or illness has taken place, employees should continue to notify their manager, but, now call 1-833-400-7222 (for non-emergency injuries), to speak with a live, Registered Nurse from CorVel. This process initiates a claim. The nurse will evaluate the incident and recommend an appropriate course of care, which may include: evaluation by one of CorVel’s occupationally trained physicians through Telehealth, or referral to a provider for an in-person appointment.  Note that emergencies should still be handled at either the YNHH Emergency Room or Yale Health’s Acute Care.
After the employee has initiated the claim, the manager’s role is to complete the claim.  If managers are nearby when the call is made, after speaking with the nurse confidentially, the employee may pass the phone to their manager to complete the claim intake verbally. If the manager is not nearby the call (or working remotely), managers may complete the claim intake by either (1) calling back CorVel at 1-833-400-7222 and pressing option #2 or (2) logging into the CorVel claims system through Single Sign-On in Workday (the Benefits worklet, “External Links” section).  If the claim is not completed within 24 hours, the manager will receive a follow up phone call at the phone number listed in Workday.
IMPORTANT:  Action is required – Starting November 1, 2020, managers will have access to CorVel’s system through a Single-Sign On within Yale’s Workday system.  This link will be found within the Benefits worklet, under “External Links”. Managers should visit this link and create an online profile, so that they have access to enter future claims when they arise.  It is recommended that all managers whose staff have open claims and managers experiencing a high volume of claims in their areas, set up online profiles as soon as they are able.  After Thursday, November 19, managers who do not create this profile will subsequently need to contact CorVel to set up an online profile at 1-860-904-4802.
Continue to visit the Workers’ Compensation website for more information.