Cafe IT event drives IT Academy milestone for Staff Development efforts

October 29, 2020

IT Academy stream logoLast week’s IT Academy Speaker Series Café IT event on “Giving and Receiving Feedback” presented by Ted Hanss and Erika Fleck saw great success with roughly triple the average Speaker Series attendance numbers. The October 22 event was attended by 116 people across several Yale departments.

We would like to thank the over 50 speakers, both within IT and across the University, for presenting at these events, without whose help, could not have made the IT Academy Speaker Series program a continued success.

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By the numbers

IT Academy Speaker Series and IT New Employee Orientation (IT NEO) Metrics from September 4, 2019 to October 17, 2020:

  • Tech Talks - 26 sessions, 1084 total attendees (Avg. 42)
  • InfoSec Chats - 9 sessions, 391 total attendees (Avg. 43)
  • Café IT - 2 sessions, 162 attendees (Avg. 81)
  • IT NEO - 6 sessions, 74 attendees (Avg. 12)
  • All Events - 43 sessions, 1711 attendees (Avg. 40)

Café IT: Giving and Receiving Feedback - event summary

Café IT: Giving and Receiving Feedback hosted by Ten Hanss, Assoc. CIO, Medicine & Health Divisions, and Erika Fleck, Director of Education and Information Technology at the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, Washington State University.

An empowering presentation about providing and receiving performance feedback along with an open discussion of the impacts and lasting effects on a career, on a team, and overall, an organization.

Building a culture of feedback is an important asset in today’s workplace to build trust and collaboration, and explore learning and growth for the individual and the organization. Yale professionals shared their own experiences and explored the trajectory of multiple careers based on the performance feedback received in the past. Assessing past performance and drawing out best practices to establish a more positive, collaborative, and effective feedback process was also covered.

If you missed this session, you can view the video on Microsoft Stream and access the PowerPoint deck on Box.

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