IT Academy training and events - November 2020

October 29, 2020

Hosted by the IT Staff Development team, Yale’s IT Academy consists of a robust speaker series, recommended online training offerings, and learning events to support the professional growth and staff development of Yale’s IT community.

Last week’s IT Academy Speaker Series Café IT event on “Giving and Receiving Feedback” helped the Speaker Series meet a new milestone. View a detailed summary of the event and some by-the-numbers information.

Call for speakers and ideas for upcoming events

IT Staff Development is currently planning the IT Academy Speaker Series schedule for the remainder of FY21 and requests ideas for Tech Talks, InfoSec Chats, and Café IT. To suggest a topic, volunteer as a speaker, or suggest another member of your team as a possible presenter, please email

Upcoming Sessions in November 2020

Paul Rivers and Bryan Kazdan

InfoSec Chat: Securing Beyond the MSSAn Active Directory Case Study

Thursday, November 5
3:30—4:30 p.m.
via Zoom

In this session, we will review how Minimum Security Standards (MSS) are applied to the Active Directory (AD) infrastructure. The MSS are baseline security requirements for maintaining secure Yale IT systems. Some Yale IT systems are specialized in nature and require controls beyond the MSS. We call these systems Critical IT Infrastructure. Bryan Kazdan will lead the discussion on how to apply the MSS to Critical IT Infrastructure, such as our AD. 

We will cover recent and planned changes to AD topology, integrations, and consumption. You will learn how these changes have realigned our AD into a much more secure technology. 

This session will be useful for anyone who:

  • Uses or integrates with Yale’s AD environment
  • Participates in running or owning Critical IT Infrastructure

Pre-register for the November 5 Tech Talk in Yale’s Training Management System (TMS). Login to Yale’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) may be required.

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Developer Lunch and Learn: Accessiblity

On Tuesday, November 10, from noon—1:15 p.m., join the Digital Accessibility team for a session on “Accessibility Design, Annotation, and Tools”.

Accessibility should be considered early in a project during the design phase. Learn about the concept ‘Shift Left’ and how to incorporate accessibility checks into your designs. Topics covered include accessible color choices, keyboard, and user interaction annotation, and in introduction to the wide variety of evaluation tools available. 

Pre-register for the November 10 Lunch and Learn training in TMS. Login to Yale’s VPN may be required. The Zoom link will be emailed to individuals registered for the training session.

Darrell CookTech Talk: Enterprise Monitoring

Wednesday, November 11
3:00—4:00 p.m.
via Zoom

Please join Darrell Cook and Jason Shuff, who will provide an introduction to application and system health monitoring utilizing the latest Enterprise Monitoring Service and Dynatrace platform.

During this session, Darrell and Jason will introduce you to the concepts of Network Infrastructure and Application Performance Monitoring through the demonstration of the Dynatrace platform. They will breakdown each component to explain how a deeper comprehension of your application’s performace in each area enables you, as an application owner or developer, to proactively handle poorly performing compontents and how this impacts your end user’s experience.

You will learn how Dynatrace can help visualize your system’s health and usage through dashboards. Then, by analyzing the metrics collected by Dynatrace, you can pinpoint an issue to either failing hardware, or go even deeper, and learn what code level method call is causing performance issues. Finally, we will touch on Digital Experience Monitoring concepts such as Real User Monitoring, Synthetics, and Session Replay. 

Pre-register for the November 11 Tech Talk in TMS. Login to Yale’s VPN may be required.


Rick KremerTech Talk: Where’s my DSP?

Wednesday, November 18
3:00—4:00 p.m.
via Zoom

Please join a panel of DSP Managers, DSPs, and Rick Kremer, who will lead an insightful look into the Faculty and Staff Desktop Support service offering. 

We will discuss the four distinct operating models which govern us, where DSPs sit, the wide array of support services they provide, and, most importantly, the value the DSPs provice as the face of IT to our customers. 

The goal is to demystify how the Team operates so that others in ITS understand how the team can be leveraged, as well as challenges the team faces to better set expectations. 

Pre-register for the November 18 Tech Talk in TMS. Login to Yale’s VPN may be required. 


James JonesCafé IT: Team Building and Race

Wednesday, November 19
3:00—4:00 p.m.
via Zoom

Please join James Jones, Yale’s Head Basketball Coach, for this Café IT event.

In this Café IT session, Yale’s men’s basketball coach, James Jones, will share his personal story of what it is like to be a black man, and a black man at Yale. Coach Jones is the winningest coach in Yale men’s basketball since 1896–the year the team held its first season.

Focusing on how and why athletic teams blend together, he will share what he has learned over his 22 seasons about what it takes to build a winning team in a diverse culture. These strategies/principles for team building apply to all teams whether on the basketball court or in the conference room.

There will also be a time to chat with Coach Jones about everything Yale Basketball. Please join us for this special opportunity to hear from one of Yale’s leaders.

Pre-register for the November 19 Café IT in TMS. Login to Yale’s VPN may be required. 

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