Moveable Equipment (MEI) Updates – Mailing of Asset Tags, Biennial Inventory, and Asset Disposals

October 28, 2020

Mailing of Asset Tags

The mailing of Moveable Equipment (MEI) asset tags has resumed. As of Monday, October 5, 2020 asset tags were mailed to Cost Centers via campus mail. This process will continue monthly. Please be on the lookout for your Cost Centers tags. If you have any questions about the mailing of the asset tags,or if they should be sent somewhere specific, please notify the Capital Asset Accounting team at

Biennial Inventory

The MEI Biennial Inventory is scheduled to begin in May 2021. Departments should begin preparations for the inventory now. Review your asset list to confirm asset locations are as up to date and that they are issued to the correct person. In the coming weeks, all Cost Centers will be contacted that have assets assigned to blank and/or generic locations or people. Please review these assets to confirm the information is accurate.

If you need assistance getting your asset listing, please contact the Capital Asset Accounting Team at .

Asset Disposals - Reminder

Departments that have any asset disposals that are Principal Investigator (PI) Released must complete and submit the Capital Equipment Transfer Form. Once completed,the Capital Equipment Transfer Release form (Capital Equipment Transfer Release Form 4209 FR.05) must be submitted to the Controller’s Office for review prior to any equipment leaving the University. The Department Chair and Provost (Provost Representative) are required approval signatures on form 4209 FR.05.

If you have any questions on asset disposals, please contact