Project update: Workday Time Tracking and Absence

October 15, 2020

In summer 2021, Workday Time Tracking and Absence will replace MyTime/MyTime Lite (Kronos) as the system used to track time worked, requests for time off, and time off accruals. This unified, modern system will streamline the time tracking process and provide new reports that help manage staff time. This project will impact all staff including temporary and casual workers as well as faculty that manage staff.

Project Benefits

User Experience Improvements

  • One-stop shop access to your personal data, benefits, payroll, and time and attendance information with a familiar Workday experience.
  • The ability to easily request time off in the future and to project time off balances.
  • Changes in job status, salary, and benefits will be reflected dynamically and immediately.
  • Mobile functionality will allow you to perform certain timekeeping actions using your smartphone, including initiating time off requests.
  • Current timeclocks will be replaced with new timeclocks.


User Experience Improvements for Supervisors

  • Improved functionality to approve time off requests, including a monthly calendar of requested and approved time off, a view of available vacation accruals and recent time off, and the ability to approve multiple requests at once.
  • The ability to easily delegate timesheet approvals.
  • Mobile functionality which will allow you to use your smartphone to approve time and time off requests.
  • Reports that will allow you to easily view scheduled time off across your team to ensure proper coverage.



  • End-to-end insight into HR, payroll, and time tracking processes.
  • Real-time reporting into actual labor costs.


Accuracy and Security

  • Reduced data security risk with information consolidated within one system.
  • Eliminating transfer of data between systems will minimize errors, meaning fewer payroll problems and timekeeping corrections.
  • Automation of manual tasks and calculations around rates, hours worked, and overtime will eliminate dual data entry and reduce errors.

The Workday Time Tracking and Absence team is planning community feedback demo sessions for fall 2020. Look for communications and community engagement activities in winter 2020/spring 2021.

Service Quality