Replenishing PPE supplies for you and your department

October 21, 2020

Yale is committed to the continued safety of all those returning to work, and has taken additional measures to ensure that supplies of critical personal protective equipment (PPE) remain available to our research community. To that end, the University has centrally procured PPE supplies in bulk.

To replenish any of the standard PPE supplies you received in your ‘Return to Yale Kits,’ please order directly through the Yale Printing and Publishing Services (YPPS) return to Yale site. These items include disposable surgical face masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes, all of which we will continue to supply free of charge.

Researchers and clinicians requiring additional PPE specific to their research program, such as disposable gloves, disposable isolation gowns, etc., may now procure select PPE supplies through a newly established SciQuest hosted catalog named “COVID-19 Stockroom at Yale University.” This catalog focuses specifically on critical specialty PPE items including face shields, ASTM surgical masks Level 1 and Level 2, disposable gloves, and disposable isolation gowns. You will need a valid charging (COA) account to purchase these supplies through the COVID-19 Stockroom at Yale University.

Please note that if you are part of a Yale Medicine operated clinic or other provider-based settings in the New Haven area administering direct medical care to patients, then you should continue to utilize existing PPE procurement pathways via Yale Medicine and Yale New Haven Hospital for your needs.

All supplies available in the COVID-19 Stockroom at Yale University catalog have been pre-purchased and are stored at Yale. Orders are fulfilled through the Research Stockroom (School of Medicine Research Stockroom or the Kline Research Stockroom) and will arrive by delivery to the address specified in the requisition.

We strongly encourage you to make use of the COVID-19 Stockroom at Yale University resource as it will help the University monitor the supplies of our most critical research needs, purchase critical supplies in bulk, and ensure that PPE supplies remain available through the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. As always, please contact Yale Purchasing if you have any questions or concerns regarding the availability of PPE and other research supplies.

Instructions for Accessing the COVID-19 Stockroom at Yale University through SciQuest

Accessing the COVID-19 Stockroom at Yale University catalog starts by creating a new requisition in Workday. For help view creating a Workday requisition training.

Once you have created a requisition, you will be connected to SciQuest. From SciQuest you will see a quick-link on the home page to the catalog in which you can search for specific products or view all available products by clicking the magnifying glass. This is the same process as for other “punch-out” catalogs you have used.

Continue your process as you would with any other purchase requisition by submitting your cart and providing COA charging instructions, and your requisition will enter your normal Workday requisition approval queue.