ServiceNow transition from homepages to dashboards – Possible action required

October 15, 2020

In the first quarter of 2021, ServiceNow will be upgraded to the Paris version and homepages will no longer be supported. The upgrade will require individuals who use the system to transition from homepages to dashboards.

Dashboards provide significant improvements over the retiring homepages. Benefits include:

  • Reduced loading time.
  • Drag and drop functionality makes designing a dashboard easier.
  • Sharing dashboards can be completed in three easy steps.
  • More display options allow you to show the information that is most pertinent to you.

Individuals who currently use the default ITIL Homepage will notice this page will be converted as part of the upgrade. The system will default your view to the new dashboard automatically.

Possible action required

For those who utilize custom homepages - get a headstart on converting to a dashboard now and avoid having to balance this with other year-end preparations. Once the upgrade occurs, all existing homepages will be disabled and no longer accessible.

Need help?

Please review our documentation on how to convert to a dashboard or attend ServiceNow Office Hours to walk through the process.

You may also attend ServiceNow office hours to walk through the process.

For any other questions, contact the ServiceNow Development and Support team.