Workplace Survey initiatives

October 29, 2020

The 2019 Workplace Survey (WPS), conducted between November 4 and December 6, 2019, provided the University with feedback on areas such as: commitment, communication, decision making, development, diversity, innovations, leadership, performance management, productivity, rewards, teamwork, and well-being.

The ITS Senior Leadership Team evaluated Information Technology’s results and identified key initiatives, expected outcomes, and the individuals who will lead the implementation of the initiatives.

Initiative Expected Outcome RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL(S)
Establish ITS work from home guidance for staff

Develop recommended practices and resources for managers

Ted Hanss
Promote transparency and provide access to senior management

Hold skip-level meetings and provide access to the SLT

John Barden
Implement inclusive recruiting practices

Modified Job Intake Form for diversity and inclusion. Include a diversity statement in all job postings. Standard set of interview questions that focus on diversity and inclusion. Open positions advertised on diversity job boards. Training an education of hiring managers and staff. Removal of bias in job descriptions.

Diane Fusco/Blanche Temple
Examine total rewards and pay equity / Simplify career paths and alignment to market data

Increased transparency, communication, and education associated with our compensation practices and methodology with all ITS staff.

Blanche Temple
25 Science Park (25SP) safety

Increased public safety presence in and around 25 Science Park.

John Barden
Meaningful performance evaluations for all ITS staff - assure 1:1 feedback consistency across Manager & Professional (M&P) and Clerical & Technical (C&T) staff

Provide guidance for how to conduct meaningful, in-depth performance evaluations and provide meaningful feedback throughout the fiscal year. Read a recently published article on progress with this initiative.

Sandra Germenis
Research “high tech” firm employment practices, culture, and retention strategies

Gain an understanding of the employment practices, retention strategies, and culture of the high-tech sector and how those learnings can be applied for ITS staff

Hadar Call / Kiran Keshav
Ensuring fairness of opportunity - 360-feedback program

Implement a 360-feedback program

Ann Brainard-Dougan / Sandra Germenis
Ensuring fairness of opportunity - Extend ITS diversity and inclusion training curriculum

Identify the next set of courses which build on the learnings from the Unconscious Bias series, delivered to ITS staff in FY20, and Creating an Environment of Mutual Respect, delivered to managers and supervisors of staff

Ann Brainard-Dougan / Sandra Germenis

Charters and milestones for each initiative have been developed and initiative teams are being organized. Reach out to the initiative leaders if you are interested in participating.

Ryan Schlagheck, Senior Director, Enterprise Reporting & Analytics, leads the WPS initiative program. If you’d like more information about the program, please contact, project manager for the WPS initiative program, or

Initiative updates will be provided monthly to keep you informed on progress being made to improve the ITS workplace.

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