New Controls for Workday Payroll Costing

November 11, 2020

Workday Payroll Costing includes a new control called Allowed Worktags. The control limits the choice of Funds for each Gift, Grant, and Yale Designated when entering transactions. Allowed Worktags are not new to Workday.

Built into the Chart of Accounts (COA) since its inception, this control measure prevents a mismatch between the Fund and Funding Component on financial transactions. Until recently, the payroll costing function was unable to see and validate against the Allowed Worktags setting. Without that validation, Payroll Costing could send Fund/Funding Component errors to the general ledger, requiring constant monitoring and correction by departments.​​​​​​​

What is Changing

  • After entering a Funding Component (Gift, Grant, or Yale Designated) to payroll costing, the drop-down list of available funds for selection will be restricted to only that segment’s allowed Fund(s).

What is not Changing

  • The process for performing Payroll Costing and Payroll Accounting Adjustments remains the same.
  • Worktag Defaults – When entering a Gift, Grant, or Yale Designated the default Fund will continue to populate automatically on the costing allocation.

For questions about Payroll Costing or Payroll Accounting Adjustments, please contact the Financial Support Center (FSC) at For questions about related worktags or COA in general, please email