Public safety enhancements are underway at Science Park

November 12, 2020

Ensuring that staff feel safe while working and traveling between buildings at Science Park is a key priority for Yale—particularly CIO John Barden and CFO Steve Murphy who spearheaded, and recently received approval for, an updated public safety plan for Science Park. Preliminary work is underway, with the official roll-out scheduled for early February, at the start of the spring semester.

The plan was developed in response to an increased number of staff at 2 Science Park, as well as feedback received from IT staff in the 2019 Workplace Survey. Following the survey, nine improvement initiatives were identified, including “addressing 25 Science Park safety”. In partnership with Yale’s Public Safety department, namely its Director of Security Duane Lovello, the plan includes the following zones:

  • 2 Science Park
  • 25 Science Park
  • 344 Winchester Avenue
  • 300 Winchester Avenue (Parking Garage)
  • Farmington Canal area

Taking a more global approach, the plan intends to treat these zones as a distinct campus with improvements including:

  • assigning a larger number of uniformed officers to serve the entire “campus” (officers are currently being on-boarded)
  • enhancing coordination between Yale Security and the contracted security team within 25 Science Park
  • adding a blue phone to the driveway of 2 Science Park

Although many staff are working remotely, 20% of IT staff are still working on campus, including within Science Park. John Barden feels that it is critical to implement this plan now, because “I want to be sure we get this right, and continue to make progress, to protect those who are on campus and to ensure that remote staff see a difference when they return.”

For those who remain on campus, Duane Lovello assured that Public Safety’s presence has not been reduced since the start of the pandemic, and that officers continue to patrol all interior and exterior zones. Duane also encouraged all staff who currently (or typically) work within the Science Park buildings to download and utilize the LiveSafe app. Within the app, staff can request a walking or virtual escort at any time, “even in broad daylight, at noon,” he emphasized, “and I encourage staff to utilize all of the app’s features to stay safe on campus.”

A Public Safety Orientation, including a Q&A session, will be offered when the majority of staff are invited to return to campus. During the Orientation, staff will learn more about how the plan is progressing and what to expect in terms of Public Safety’s presence at Science Park.

Special thanks to everyone who shared their feedback in IT’s Workplace Survey. This input continues to allow IT to enhance its climate, culture, and inclusion practices, including this particular safety initiative.

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