Travel Tips from Egencia

November 11, 2020

Be sure to add your hotel loyalty numbers to your Egencia Profile. Egencia has added “member-only rates” for Hyatt, Hilton, IHG, and Wyndham to their display. You will only see these rates if your loyalty number is in your Egencia profile, and you click on “see all rates” at the bottom of your search.

Egencia has also added COVID-19 travel restrictions per state (see red arrow) and “Cleaning and safety practices” for each hotel.

Rental Car Tips

Enroll in the car company’s loyalty program and add that number to your Egencia profile. When enrolling, you will fill out and sign a master agreement that will allow you to bypass the counter. In this COVID-19 age of social distancing, the less human touch/interaction, the better.