Travel tips from Egencia

November 18, 2020

Add Hotel loyalty numbers to your Profile

Regularly update your Egenica profile. Add hotel loyalty numbers to receive best rates and track points. Egencia has added “member- only rates” for Hyatt, Hilton, IHG, and Wyndham to their display. These rates only display if  your loyalty number is in your Egencia profile. Click on “see all rates” at the bottom of the search window–see screen shot below.

COVID Travel restrictions and hotel cleaning practices added

Egencia recently added COVID-19 travel restrictions per state and “Cleaning and safety practices” per hotel. To see detailed information, click on the “Details & Photos” link. (See screenshot below for guidance.)

Car rental tips

After enrolling in any rental car’s loyalty program remember to add that number to your Egencia profile. As a loyalty remember, individuals can sign a master rental agreement online bypassing the in person car rental front desk. In order to keep physical distance and have less contact, this is a great tool.