Finance Data Mart Interactive Reports Go Live November 30, 2020

December 2, 2020



The Finance Data Mart Interactive Reports are the first set of interactive reports to be delivered to the Business Operations and Finance communities using the same platform as the Account Holder Report by Person (AHR-PI) and Financial Activity and Balances (FAB) reports. Created using the Finance Data Mart Model, individuals can access data loaded from Workday and the Yale Budget Tool (YBT). These reports are available via the Power BI Report Server.

Interactive Reports now available:

  • Detailed Transactions Trend
  • Fund Balances
  • Payroll Details
  • Awards and Grants
  • Budget Variance Analysis 

Training is offered for all CCFA/YBT role holders focused on Q2 Monitoring and Budget Analysis. Classes are scheduled through February. Please register for a session via TMS.


You can find the training materials and guides on the Workday Reporting Training site
For support, please contact the Finance Support Center (FSC) at 203-432-5394 or send an email to