Service Now platform to be upgraded in January

December 10, 2020

The Service Now Development and Support team is planning on upgrading the Service Now Platform to the newest version, Paris, in the January timeframe.

The primary goal of the ServiceNow upgrade is to bring the platform forward to the most current version and take advantage of new features. A few of the new features that will be evaluated after the upgrade include:

  • Agent Workspace – Enhanced UI to improve agent efficiency and the customer experience.
  • Email Client - Send quick messages with templates for common responses. Add files directly from records, without having to download them.
  • Advances to Artificial Intelligence – Begin a foundational evaluation and conduct a pilot of the Virtual Agent/Chatbot capabilities.
  • Mobile Application - Enhancements to the Mobile App notifications and user interface.

Watch your inbox for a targeted message to be sent in early January with exact date of the upgrade, along with resources to answer any questions you may have.

Additionally, legacy homepages will no longer be supported. The team is providing training sessions to help transition to dashboards. Topics will include:

  • how to convert existing homepages
  • how to best take advantage of the new functionality in dashboards
  • learning best practices for creating and showing reports in dashboards

Look for more information and exact training dates in the article entitled “Service Now - Transitioning from Homepages to Dashboards” in this issue of the IT Update.

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