Hiring Spotlight – Danilyn Riley

January 19, 2021

Danilyn Riley joined Yale in November 2019 as a Financial Assistant 4. We spoke with her about her goals for 2021, experience working at Yale, and the challenges of remote work.

2020 is finally behind us. What are your goals and expectations for 2021?
Given that the whole world is struggling with the pandemic, my family’s primary goal is to remain safe and healthy, and those are my wishes for everyone who will read this article. Professionally, I’ve decided to go back to school to finish my accounting degree. I hope to grow and further elevate my career at Yale.

I am fortunate to be able to work from home, but I believe that small day-to-day interactions at the office make our jobs more fun and certain skills cannot be taught remotely. I look forward to developing new abilities to support my department, returning to campus, and contributing to my team’s success.

Tell us more about your team and your role?
I enjoy being a member of the Surgery Administration team. My colleagues are very supportive, and people work well together. Teamwork is what I value the most, and I am glad that my colleagues share those values. Anytime I have a question, everyone is willing to jump in and share their knowledge.

In my role as a Financial Assistant, I review expenses that are charged within the School of Medicine, particularly the Surgery department. I am the first set of eyes for all the expenses, so I make sure all expenses comply with Yale’s policies. I also monitor payroll to make sure employees get paid accordingly when they work overtime.

Tell us more about your job search?
I had been applying for jobs at Yale since 2015. At first, I didn’t realize how important it was to tailor my resume and cover letter to match each position that I was applying for. My friend, Katherine Viera, who is in the finance field at Yale recommended that I check out the New Haven Hiring Initiative. She went through the process and encouraged me to take the first step by registering for New Haven Works.

Once I registered, my job coach helped me tailor my application materials for a meet & greet event where I had a chance to meet Yale recruiters. Soon after, I attended a networking event with hiring managers looking for new candidates. That’s where I met my current manager, John Albis. He recommended that I apply for the position in his department. After interviewing with him and his team I was offered a job. I want to take this opportunity to thank John and the whole team for their ongoing support.

What would be your advice to other job seekers?
The process is sometimes long, but if you are focused and take advantage of all tools and resources that Yale provides to New Haven residents, it is only a matter of time for the right opportunity to appear.

For example, after experiencing the whole process, I suggested that my friend and former colleague Maria Baez join Yale’s New Haven Hiring Initiative and become a New Haven Works member. A few months later, she secured regular employment at Yale.

Stay patient, work hard towards your goals, expand your network, and invest in yourself. Take a temporary job if you are available and learn a new skill. Take advantage of free online training and learn new software. Most importantly – stay positive and believe in yourself!

You gave us an idea for next month’s story! We will get in touch with Maria!
That would be great! I am sure she would be very excited. I look forward to hearing about her journey to Yale!