Java JRE software being removed from ITS Windows managed computers

January 13, 2021


  • Starting January 26 through to February 22, Java JRE software will be silently removed from ITS Windows managed computers that do not require Java JRE for work or application functionality. There is no impact or disruption anticipated.
  • Approximately 18,000 computers are in-scope for this security update.
  • Individuals requiring Java to perform Yale work will not have Java removed. Please see details below.
  • Individuals using machines not managed by Yale that do not require Java to perform Yale work are encouraged to remove Java from their machines.


To address security vulnerabilities, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is planned to be removed from all ITS Windows managed computers that do not require Java technology to operate Yale authorized applications and tools.

The applications listed below require Java JRE, and application owners have identified individuals who will need to retain Java to access these applications. If you use or are aware of any other Yale-authorized applications not listed below that require Java, please notify the project team through Ronald Colonna at

Individuals using the following applications should not have Java removed from their computers;

  • Campus Call
  • Family-Based Recovery (FBR)
  • FAMIS (Facilities)
  • Graduate Student Payroll System (GSPS)
  • HCM Custom Application
  • IDS Card System  
  • Intensive In-Home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Support (IICAPS)
  • Maximus ERS
  • MyTime (Kronos) Full-Client version – support team, only (MyTime Lite does not require Java)
  • Training Management System (TMS)

Similarly, Application developers have identified Yale authorized tools requiring Java and the individuals who have a business requirement to retain Java on their computers.  Reference the KB article for further information. Please note you may need to log in to CAS to view.

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