Skype for Business is being retired July 2021

January 20, 2021


Microsoft is retiring Skype for Business in July 2021. The University is moving to Microsoft Teams tools for chat and online calling.

  • All ITS managed machines are updated with Teams. If you are not using an ITS-managed computer, visit the Teams web portal using your Yale credentials to download the Teams app.
  • Transitioning to Teams will occur January - April 2021
  • Yale ITS will decommission all Skype for Business accounts by the end of April 2021
  • This retirement will not impact personal Skype accounts.


As you begin to use Teams for your chat and call needs, you will notice that it has similar functions as Skype and that you have the ability to;

  • Chat 1:1 or with groups and retain your chat history
  • Send and receive chats to Skype users
  • Quickly initiate audio/video calls from chat using your Outlook contacts
  • Transfer calls
  • Set up distinctive ring tones
  • Paste images and files directly in the chat
  • Easily use from mobile devices
  • Access training links to help navigate the tool

How do I get started?

ITS managed Windows operating systems:

Individuals using an ITS managed computer may begin using Teams immediately. If it is not already in your Windows Startup menu, then go to the Microsoft Teams web portal and download it.

ITS managed Mac operating systems:

Using Finder, search for Teams. Drag and drop the Teams icon to your desktop for easy, quick access. If Teams is not loaded you can go to the Teams web portal and download it.

Computers not managed by ITS:

If you are not using an ITS managed computer, visit the Teams web portal using your Yale credentials to download the Teams app.

Learn to Chat and Call in Teams

Here are some helpful tutorials to get started using Teams for your chat and call needs:

Need help?

If you are experiencing an issue or have a question you cannot resolve through the Microsoft Teams service page or through the Microsoft Training, contact the ITS Help Desk at 203-432-9000 or visit the website to view answers to trending questions, search how-to articles, start a chat, or report a problem.