Updates - Workday Reports

January 27, 2021

The following Workday Reports have been updated:

  •  Find Subawards - Yale
    •  The Proposal ID (IRES #) prompt has been added
  • Sponsored Award Recent Setups – Yale
    • The Proposal ID (IRES #) prompt has been added
  • Accelerated/Decelerated Spending on Awards – Yale:
    • Removed the Fund Hierarchies and Fund prompts
    • Removed the Gift Hierarchies and Gift prompts
    • Added the Award Type prompt
  • Note: The Award Type prompt is not a required field to run the report

The addition of the Proposal ID prompt can aid with the department’s monitoring of awards recently setup in Workday. The Fund prompts in the Accelerated/Decelerated Spending on Awards – Yale report were not limiting the report results properly because Fund is not part of the Award record. Fund is part of the Award line/grant record(s). Additionally, the Gift prompts were removed as they were irrelevant to this report. The addition of the Award Type prompt enables users to select the type of awards most applicable for their review.

For questions, please contact the Finance Support Center at sharedservices@yale.edu.