Yale ePAY website and store setup survey launch

January 13, 2021


Yale ePAY (eCommerce Payment Acceptance at Yale) is working with University departments to standardize credit card payment acceptance, processing, and reporting across the University to meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

  • A new Yale ePAY website has launched as the hub for ePAY project information, requesting an ePAY site, engaging with the ePAY project team, and more.
  • On January 14, 2021, a survey will be sent to departments with credit card processing needs to gather initial requirements for their ePAY site setup.
  • The ePAY team has already created 14 uStores for departments on the new e-commerce platform.
  • Departments needing a credit card processing platform, an upgrade, or making a change to an existing solution must contact epay@yale.edu before beginning their search.


Yale ePAY Website Launch

The ePAY team is pleased to announce the launch of the Yale ePAY website. Please bookmark https://ePAY.yale.edu as your go-to resource for all project information, resources, and updates. From the website, you can engage with the ePAY project team to request:

  • development of an ePAY site
  • modifications to an existing site
  • user support

Over the next 18-24 months, the website will be continually updated to provide:

ePAY Store Set-up Survey

On January 14, 2021 ePAY will be sending out a survey to departments needing credit card processing capability to solicit some initial information about their requirements. The quick 14 question survey will ask departments about their current credit card processing state, the products and services provided to their customer and their desired timeframe for deploying the new ecommerce solution.

Welcome to ePAY

Since its launch, the ePAY project team is pleased to announce that 14 departments have migrated to the new ePAY platform and more are in development. The team has worked with each department to customize their site to meet their needs. Customers can now access these sites to purchase products or services, pay for invoices, pay application fees, register for classes, and more.

Project Notes

To ensure we build consistency in our credit card acceptance platform, departments must contact epay@yale.edu before:

  • initiating a search for a solution, an upgrade, or making a change to an existing solution.
  • selecting a new system or finalizing any agreements, if already conducting a search.

Questions about the Project?

Contact ePAY@yale.edu with any questions regarding this project.