Cellular charge billing adjustments and updates

February 3, 2021

Yale ITS is working closely with AT&T and Verizon to correct billing errors. Issues include overage charges, duplicate charges for equipment, and delays in billing.


  • Overage charges due to COVID-19: AT&T is providing credits for usage based on overages during the early part of COVID, you can expect to see these credits in your January charge detail report.
  • National discount: AT&T duplicated the National Account Discount charge of $16.67 from August through November 2020. In December, ITS billing charged back the $16.67 for each month.
  • Cell equipment purchase: AT&T duplicated equipment purchases (for new or replacement phones) in November 2020. In December, ITS billing credited the duplicate charge.


  • Delay in January 2021 cellular charges: Verizon notified ITS that they experienced a data download error when producing the statement for the Jan 2021 usage period of 12/19/20 – 1/18/21. ITS billing will include both the January & February charges in the February 2021 ITS charge detail.
  • Usage for November and December delayed: Verizon usage files for November and December billing periods were not received. Once received, ITS billing will process.

Yale ITS is working closely with each vendor to better understand the cause of these billing errors and prevent them from happening in the future. Any questions pertaining to any of these updates should be directed to its.billing@yale.edu