DUO is Everywhere, and it's working

February 18, 2021

Historically, Yale has had to lock between 20 and 40 NetIDs every month because they were compromised. Net IDs are usually compromised in one of two ways:

  • Someone is the victim of a phishing attack.
  • Someone reused their Yale password on a website that became compromised; this revealed their password to the world.

With DUO Everywhere, you need more than a NetID password to access your Yale account. Supporting a user whose account is compromised can take many hours and can cost real money when someone’s pay or university finances are affected. Thanks to DUO Everywhere, the impact from compromised NetIDs has dropped to almost zero.

But DUO Everywhere doesn’t just improve security; it also enhances productivity. Part of the DUO Everywhere rollout included extending “Remember Me” sessions to 90 days. Now, if you use the same browser every day, you will only be prompted to renew your DUO login once every three months. DUO Everywhere has had a significant impact on productivity.

Over 150,000 authentications happen behind the scenes in the average week, thanks to the “Remember Me” authentication method. With the “Remember Me” method, those 150,000 authentications required no further action. They did not need anyone to pick up their phone, enter a code or receive a text message. For more information, view our Cybersecurity page on DUO Everywhere.  

You can make DUO even easier to use

Many people still choose to receive a text message or a phone call when they need to login through DUO. These methods are both time-consuming and costly. Yale spends over $3500 a month on DUO texts and DUO phone calls. Now is an excellent time to look at your DUO options. If you have a smartphone, install the DUO app and get “Push” notifications. You’ll save your time and Yale’s money!

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