SAM's journey - licenses, spending, saving, and utilization

February 4, 2021

You may be thinking “Lord of the Rings,” but in this case, the SAM journey refers to Software Asset Management.

As most IT Service Offering Managers and Service Owners know, we are re-launching the ServiceNow Software Asset Management functions. The decision to manually create the data has led to a slow, steady journey as the Finance Team establishes the building blocks by entering existing title records and contract information. The team is also updating this data as Yale renews and creates new agreements.

SAM has already documented 70 records and has another 60 to go before this quest is complete. The data repository we are building will provide ready access to a wealth of information on software agreements and entitlements. Each agreement includes a full history of the activities related to the record, vendor and product details, contract coverage dates, cost, and budget information. The Finance Team is focusing on accuracy over speed. We project a late February/early March SAM completion date.

While not nearly as exciting as the quest SAM from the Lord of the Rings undertook to save Middle-earth, our SAM’s quest can be just as beneficial to our world at Yale. We think that you will find the results well worth the wait!