Self-serve training reports now available in TMS

February 26, 2021

There is a new way to quickly track and verify compliance with Yale’s coursework, including compliance status (such as required COVID-19 training), course enrollments, and assessment questionnaire status. A recently launched (TMS) My Orgs Reporting page offers supervisors, lead administrators, business operations managers, HR Partners, and other appropriate roles with self-serve access to this information. Additional reports will also be developed in the coming year.

Reports are automatically populated with current information in Workday and will only display individuals who are associated with your supervisory organization or cost center. Reports can be accessed by visiting a dedicated reports page in TMS (requires VPN and Google Chrome, not Internet Explorer). Depending on your role, you will see one or all reports including:

  • Assessment Report: Displays the last date the compliance assessment was taken; this is an annual requirement.
  • Requirements Report: Tracks compliance requirements assigned to employees, their completion status, and the date when the requirement was satisfied.
  • Transcript Report: Displays a comprehensive transcript of all courses completed at Yale.

To access these reports, users will need to provide a Net ID, status, cost center/department/planning unit (in some cases), requirement, date range, and more; results can be downloaded in an Excel format. For questions or more information on My Org Reports, contact