Tableu server usage study planned for late FY21

February 4, 2021

Yale’s Enterprise Reporting and Analytics team will conduct a Tableau server usage study in the second half of FY21. This study aims to determine how Yale’s campus utilizes Tableau, discover where our enterprise reporting tool (Power BI) meets those requirements, and identify gaps.

Where there are possibilities to consolidate current Tableau Server-based reporting to Power BI, we can help the University achieve its goal of reducing expenses while consolidating knowledge, collaboration, and support around fewer reporting platforms. Our study may also show that we do indeed need these two reporting platforms, and the cost to the University is warranted based on the capabilities required. The Power BI Platform, with both the Server and Service layers, currently provides production reporting capabilities to several areas around campus, such as the University COVID Dashboard, various COVID testing and tracing reports, and Financial Compliance and Monitoring reports, such as the Account Holder and Financial Activity and Balances reports.

We will begin meetings with our Tableau site administrators and internal IT partners in mid-February. These conversations will center around the types of Tableau reporting currently performed and include a demonstration of the Power BI Server and Service for those currently not utilizing the platform or unfamiliar with the capabilities available. We expect to complete this study by the end of the fiscal year, during which the Reporting & Analytics team will continue to support Tableau.

Contact the Reporting & Analytics team with any questions via our service page.