February 23, 2021

This dimension measures respondents’ beliefs about teamwork, both within a department and across University departments. Additionally, it focuses on the ability of the workplace to handle conflict and cooperation between Yale and its unions as a component of future success.

Low scores on this item indicate that leaders should be encouraging and supporting employees to develop plans and practices for improvement. High scores on this item indicate that leaders seek employee input on ways to sustain a high level of engagement.

2019 Survey Questions for Teamwork (three questions)

  1. The various units of Yale (schools, departments, etc.) cooperate with one another in the best interest of the entire University
  2. Within my unit, there is a high degree of teamwork
  3. In my unit, workplace conflicts and disagreements are handled openly and constructively

Recommended Practices

  • Make sure all staff members are familiar with the union contracts. 
  • Offer training on handling workplace conflicts and disagreements.
  • Build relationships.
  • Build trust by communication, understanding, and engagement. 
  • Inform staff of WorkLife resources at Yale, including the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and encourage use of these resources.
  • Keep a “milestones achieved list.”
  • Hold regular staff meetings.
  • Develop a mission statement for your department that includes staff input.
  • Hold regular retreats to review strategy and develop a sense of teamwork.
  • Participate in a 360-degree feedback by linking feedback to competencies during reviews.
  • Enroll in classes offered by The Learning Center, Organizational Effectiveness and Staff Development, and Managing at Yale (classes for employees managing people).