Reminder - Finance Data Mart Interactive Reports are available

March 3, 2021



The Finance Data Mart Interactive Reports are the first set of interactive reports to be delivered to the Business Operations and Finance communities using the same platform as the Account Holder Report by Person (AHR-PI) and Financial Activity and Balances (FAB) reports. Created using the Finance Data Mart, individuals with financial roles in Workday can access data loaded daily from Workday and the Yale Budget Tool (YBT). These reports are available via the Power BI Report Server.

Interactive Report Name

Report Description

Detailed Transactions Trend

This monthly trend report provides quick access to transaction details of interest defaulted at the Ledger Account Summary w/ the ability to drill through to the transaction level.

Fund Balances

This report provides a sorted view of remaining balances, at the summary, charging and transaction levels, so accounts needing attention are highlighted in the report. 

Awards and Grants

This report will allow users to view financial status at the award level, then review activity at the grant level and down to the transaction level.

Payroll Details

This report lists employees within a cost center or paid by a cost center, including valuable percentages. The report can be used to assist those managing grants with a view of who is being charged to the grant and the associated dollars/percent.

Budget Variance Analysis

This report assists in the investigation of variances between budgets and financial activity w/ the ability to drill through to the transaction level.

Budget Compare and Project

This report provides comparisons to the prior year and projections for the current year. This includes variance analysis with Current Year Forecast (CYF). Drill through features allow an understanding of budgets and activity by different COA segments plus the ability to drill all the way through to transaction-level detail.

FD29 Industry  Clinical Trails This report aids in the review of Fund 29 activity and balances. The summary level is organized by the Award Owning responsible organization while the subsequent tabs provide detail for the review of the Award Balance including revenue, expenses and outstanding receivables.

Training is offered to all Workday cost center financial analyst roles. Instructor-led classes are scheduled through March and will be a prerequisite to future Power BI Desktop training offerings. Please register for a session via TMS.

You can find the training materials and guides on the Workday Reporting Training site. Please refer to Finance Data Mart Release Notes for updates and awareness features
For support, please contact the Finance Support Center (FSC) at 203-432-5394 or send an email to