ServiceNow launches system status subscription service and enhanced functionality for requests

March 4, 2021

The Service Management team has been busy developing new tools to help you get your work done. These include a new system status subscription service and enhanced functionality for requests.

System Status Subscription Service

You can now say up to date on planned and unplanned outages with our newly implemented system status subscription service. While on the IT at Yale system status page, you can elect to receive emailed status updates each time there is a change in status.

Additionally, suppose you are interested in or own a particular configuration item (CI) such as a service, offering, application, or server. In that case, you can subscribe to receive a notification if the data for that CI changes.

We released this new automated functionality on February 11. Learn how to subscribe to be notified of any outages, an active outage, or updates on your CI.

Enhanced Functionality for Requests

Easily communicate with individuals about their requests related to your service and stay updated on progress with our newest updates to Requested Item tickets - implemented on February 25, 2021.

This enhancement makes ‘Assignment Group’ and ‘Assigned To’ fields visible on ‘Requested Item’ tickets. The ticket will be assigned to your group automatically. Assigning the ticket to a team member will notify that person of any updates to the ticket. Please note that all newly created ‘Requested Item” tickets will now appear in the assignment group’s queue.

We are also making it easier to communicate with individuals about requests they’ve submitted for your services. Additional comments are now visible on the task tickets. The system will now send any comment submitted by an IT staff member in the ‘Additional Comments’ field to the individual listed in the ‘Requestor’ field on the ‘Requested Item.’ Whoever submitted the comment will be added to the watch list on the ticket to get updates when the requestor responds to your questions.

Lastly, we are working to make the Standard Service Request easier to use. The system will now automatically generate a task for the ticket. You will no longer need to create the task ticket manually - we expect this will help reduce your work-load. This new functionality became available on February 25th, 2021.

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