Yale New Haven Hiring Initiative launches On-the-Job Training Program 

March 31, 2021

New Haven Hiring Initiative (NHHI) creates employment pathways for New Haven residents, particularly in neighborhoods with the highest rate of unemployment. The goal is to strengthen their candidacy and improve their chances of getting hired into regular roles at Yale. To support this effort, NHHI recently launched the On-the-Job Training Program (OJT). Funded in part by Yale HR and NHHI, this employment pathway places qualified New Haven Works (NHW) members into temporary assignments for an eight to 24-week duration. According to Filip Relic, NHHI Program Manager, “These assignments allow trainees to gain hands-on knowledge and work experience at Yale University. Participants will acquire relevant job skills that will make them more competitive candidates for regular positions at Yale. The ideal scenario for us is when the department has a vacancy down the road, such as retirement or promotion. That way our trainees can be well-prepared for the vacant position and inherit it once it becomes available. Our goal for the next fiscal year is to have 20-30 trainees.”

The On-the-Job Training Program (OJT) is part of the NHHI joint partnership between Local 34 and Yale University. To meet program eligibility, candidates must be an active NHW member from one of the following neighborhoods of focus: Dixwell, Dwight, Fair Haven, Hill, Newhallville, West Rock and West River. Candidates must meet the minimum qualifications for Grade B level positions at Yale University.