Change - Building room names and numbers

April 21, 2021

Due to various Facilities building renovations and remodeling projects, buildings across campus have experienced floorplan changes and room re-numbering (see below example).

As a result, Workday users may need to select new room numbers associated with a specific building when:

  • Assigning locations for positions or workers, or
  • Selecting the proper ship-to or deliver-to addresses on requisitions.


Closed Room New Room
College St, 135 (127-153) > 101-0129 College St, 135 (127-153) > 101-129
Sterling Hall Med B > 0108D   Sterling Hall Med B > 108D
Sterling Hall Med B > 0E58   Sterling Hall Med B > E58
Sterling Hall Med I > 0360 Sterling Hall Med I > 360
Sterling Hall Med L > 0106    Sterling Hall Med L > 106
The Anlyan Center > S0140 The Anlyan Center > S140

Facilities has renumbered the following buildings (inclusive but not limited to):

Impacted Buildings    
Amistad Street Building E.S. Harkness Bldg D Sterling Hall Med C
Boyer Ctr Molec Med Farnam Memorial Bldg Sterling Hall Med I
Brady Memorial Lab George St, 300 Sterling Hall Med L
Church St South,  2 Sterling Mem Library Sterling Mem Library
Church St,  1 Lab of Epidem, PUBHL The Anlyan Center
College Place Lippard Lab Clin Invest Temple St, 40
College St, 135 (127-153) Seamco Bldg WC Collection St Ctr
Conn Mental Health Ctr Sterling Hall Med B Yale Physicians Bldg

SPECIAL NOTE: During the upcoming Biennial Moveable Equipment Inventory (MEI), please pay special attention to the actual room number where equipment is located and update the Workday system as needed. Equipment should be assigned to active locations only. Please contact for additional information.

Please share this communication with individuals in your department who may need to select the proper ship-to or deliver-to addresses when submitting Workday purchase requisitions.

The following contacts are available to assist if users experience location use issues:

  • All financial system questions and requests (including how to perform transactions, role assignments, and how to resolve error messages) should be sent to They are also in charge of escalating to FSS experts, Controller’s Office, Procurement, etc.
  • For questions pertaining to the overall use of locations (buildings and rooms) please email the COA team via