Finance Data Mart Power BI Desktop training

April 7, 2021


  • Finance Data Mart Power BI Desktop training available during April 2021.
  • Using Power BI Desktop, you can download the Finance Data Mart Interactive Reports and perform ad-hoc analysis and modify the report output.


The Finance Data Mart Interactive Reports are the first set of interactive reports delivered to the Business Operations and Finance communities. Created using the Finance Data Mart Model, individuals can access data loaded from Workday and the Yale Budget Tool (YBT). These reports are available via the Power BI Report Server. With the Power BI Desktop tool, you can download, modify, and use the available tools to perform ad-hoc analysis of the Interactive Reports. 
Please register for the two-hour Power BI Desktop training via TMS.  During the session, we will highlight the functionality for modifying the Interactive Reports using the Power BI Desktop tool through exercises using your data. To make the best use of our time together, we recommend that learners complete the following prerequisites before attending the training. Once registered, learners will receive download access the day before the training. Training is offered to all Workday cost center financial analyst roles. 


Before joining the training session

  1. Confirm you have Power BI Desktop version May 2020 downloaded to your system
  2. Log Into your Cisco VPN
  3. Download the Detailed Transactions Interactive Report to your Power BI Desktop


You can find the training materials and guides on the Workday Reporting Training site. Please refer to Finance Data Mart Release Notes for updates and awareness features

For support, please contact the Finance Support Center (FSC) at 203-432-5394 or send an email to