New Guidance - Payroll Costing Treatment for Academic Leaves

April 14, 2021

In the February 10, 2021 issue of Business Update, information was posted about a name change update for the costing treatment worktag value “FacLOA”. The new name, “FacSabbatical”, is aligned with certain types of academic leaves that do not require fringe assessment. This week additional guidance about this worktag is being provided.

The FacSabbatical worktag should only be used for leave types that fall within the academic leave family, with some exceptions. The worktag should not be added for the following leave types: Research Faculty Parental Leave, Public Service, Leave WO Salary, or Leave WO Yale Salary.

The FacSabbatical worktag will drive the ledger account and remove the fringe assessment for the allocation period. This worktag should not be used on an allocation that includes a Grant worktag even if the Grant is charged during the leave.

For questions or more information on academic leaves, please call your dean’s office. Read more about Procedure 3501 PR.01 Payroll Costing.

For questions or more information on the costing allocation, please contact the Financial Service Center at