PandA Enhancement/Zelle Implementation -  Update and Information Session Guides available

April 21, 2021


Effective Monday, April 19, 2021:

  • Prizes and Awards (PandA) functionality was expanded to provide a more efficient and faster means to create Workday supplier records for University students. The new PandA template is now available for download.
  • Accounts Payable implemented Zelle Digital Disbursements as a new Payment Type and the primary payment method to issue Accounts Payable disbursements to Yale University students.
  • Information session guides have been posted and are available for reference.


On Monday, April 19, 2021, the following changes were implemented.

PandA Enhancements

PandA functionality has been enhanced to become the primary way for departments to set up students as university suppliers, not just those who will receive Prize and Award payments. You may download and begin using the new template from the PandA Prizes and Awards Batch Upload page.  This enhancement provides an additional means to set up a student as a supplier. Although you may still use the Workday “Create Supplier Request” function to set up student suppliers, using PandA for this purpose is easier, faster, and more efficient. Using PandA will reduce the student supplier set up time from 3-5 business days to just minutes.

PandA will now support electronic Accounts Payable disbursements through digital disbursements via Zelle or foreign wire payments.

Additionally, PandA was enhanced to disburse prizes, awards, fellowships, and stipends to international students.

The Prizes and Awards (PandA) template was modified to support the new enhancements, adding the following new fields:

  • Payment Type: “Zelle” and “Checks” have been added as acceptable payment types in the PandA integration process that creates supplier records for students. Zelle, an electronic payment type, will be set as the default payment type. You may also select Check, or, for students with banking information already on file, ACH or Wire.
  • Payment Due Date: You now have the option of entering a future date for payment or leave blank for payment as soon as possible. A future date can be selected up to 60 days from the date of submission.
  • “Supplier Set-up Only”: This column will enable users to create a new supplier record for an active Yale University student.  Users have the option of providing an address or accepting the address received from Banner.
  • Check Handling: If Check is the specified payment type, select Mail or Special Pickup 2 Whitney as handling options.
  • Country: If entering an address, select the Country from the pull-down menu.

Zelle Implementation

Zelle has been added as a new payment type and the primary payment type for all Accounts Payable disbursements to students set up as suppliers, including invoices originating in Prizes and Awards (PandA) and Supplier Invoice Requests. Zelle is a US-based digital payment network that enables the electronic transfer of money between bank accounts. Zelle has been implemented for only payments issued by Accounts Payable. Accounts Payable disbursements made by Zelle will now be issued based on Yale email addresses instead of bank account information. To participate, students must enroll their Yale email address with Zelle. 


Student Employment payments or reimbursement processes remain unchanged. These changes do not replace payments or reimbursements made to students through payroll, GSPS, Banner, or expense reimbursements. These processes remain in place and should be utilized as they are today. Zelle cannot be used as a payment type for those processes; Zelle will only be used as a payment type for disbursements made through Accounts Payable. The specific Accounts Payable processes impacted by this change are supplier invoice request and PANDA.

Updated Documentation

To learn more about these changes, please refer to the Procurement Toolkit and 3401 PR. 03 Disbursing Funds for Prizes, Awards, Stipends, and Fellowships (Procedure).

Information Session Guides and Recording

Information sessions were held on April 6, 7 and 13, 2021. Information session guides are now available for reference or for anyone unable to attend. A recording of the information sessions is in progress and will be announced in the coming days.


When should the new PandA template used?

  • To submit requests for US & International student disbursements for Prizes, Awards, Fellowships & Stipends issued by Accounts Payable.
  • As a faster and more efficient way to set up a student as a supplier for all other disbursement types.

When setting up a student as a supplier using the PandA template, will that automatically generate the student’s funds disbursement?

  • PandA will only initiate payment for Prizes and Awards. For all other payments, such as services and reimbursements, the PandA template only allows you to set the student up as a supplier. Once the supplier set up is complete, request disbursement through the Supplier Invoice Request in Workday. 

Will Zelle be used as a payment type for all student payments, including reimbursements?

  • The Zelle payment type will not be used for payments issued to students outside of Accounts Payable, such as by Payroll, GSPS, and the Bursar’s office.  It will also not be used for reimbursements to student employees that are issued by Workday Expenses. Zelle can only be used as a payment type for disbursements made by Accounts Payable to students such as for payment for services or travel expenses for a university event.


Please contact the Finance Support Center through email at or call 203-432-5394 with any questions regarding the updates.