Financial Review Checklist Trainings

May 19, 2021

Financial Review Checklist (FRC) Trainings have been created to aid business offices in completing certain steps of the FRC. Four training sessions have been completed and published to Stream on the Financial Review Checklist channel. The first training, Financial Review Checklist – General, discusses what will be found in the subsequent activity training sessions. The following three sessions will provide further detail on how to complete the specific steps utilizing Workday Reports and Excel, as well as any possible follow-up actions. The trainings include the following activity steps:

  • Review Open Advances and Spend Authorizations
  • Review Sponsored Award Balances
  • Preview Payroll

Additional training sessions will be published as they become available. You can find these by searching for the Financial Review Checklist channel on Stream or via this link. You can also access the PDF version of the trainings on the Financial Compliance page on It’s Your Yale.

For further questions, please contact Financial Compliance at