Upcoming training for Yale financial staff

May 5, 2021


  • Task Force 21 - Development of training for the Finance community
  • Module 1 - Internal Controls Foundational Training 
  • Module 2 - Approvers Role in Financial Transactions 

Background and Details

Yale is a large and complex organization that depends upon its community members to operate smoothly and efficiently. Crucial elements in Yale’s success include our staff, who play integral roles in our operational functions. To that end, we must provide the resources and training necessary for our staff to be successful in their positions, support professional development, and enhance learning. Building a financial training infrastructure is one of Finance’s highest priorities. This will not only build a stronger community of finance professionals at Yale, but it will also strengthen internal controls and compliance.

To support this goal, University leadership convened Task Force 21 to spearhead the first step in developing a long-term financial training program for staff. Task Force 21’s initial goal is to develop and provide engaging training on foundational concepts such as internal controls and the role of the approver. These themes permeate our operations and form the base for future training on a broader range of financial topics.

We are excited to announce the upcoming rollout of the first two modules in the long-term financial training program. Specifics on each module can be found below. 

Module 1

Task Force 21 recently completed curriculum development for Module 1, which focuses on the concepts and structure of Yale’s internal control framework. The team is currently building out an e-learning interface to offer this content as virtual training.

We anticipate rolling out this module to a pilot group in May, with a broader rollout in June. If you have been selected as a participant in the pilot, you will receive an email with further instructions.   

Module 2

Development and creation of Module 2 is well underway. Task Force 21 anticipates offering this module, which focuses on the role of the approver, as a live session. Sessions will include real-world examples and case studies to enhance conceptual learning. This module will eventually transition to an e-learning, virtual model, which will be accessible to a wide variety of Finance professionals.  

We anticipate rolling out this module during the summer of 2021.
Please look out for further communications providing details on the timeline and registration for these trainings.
Questions on this initiative can be directed to any of the co-leads of Task Force 21: Jill Ely, Pauline Fagan, or Rachele Sarro.