AP System Close for June FY21 delayed to July 13

July 14, 2021

As discussed in the year-end closing packet and calendar, FY2021 invoices (with a date on or before Wednesday, June 30, 2021) that are fully approved by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, July 9 posted in the FY21-JUN accounting period. After that date, the planned approach was for any approved FY2021 invoices to post to FY2022 and be included in the Accounts Payable (AP) accrual process. However, there was a delay in the AP system close to Tuesday, July 13 close of business.

What are the implications of this delay?

All FY2021 invoices that were fully approved through end of business on Tuesday, July 13 posted in the FY21-JUN accounting period. 

Impact to distributed business offices:

  • This accounting is correct. Only invoices related to FY2021 (with a date on or before Wednesday, June 30, 2021) posted in FY21-JUN.
  • On the original closing schedule, due to the timing of the first AP accrual journal entry (July 9) and other closing procedures, units should have started running or receiving June reports in Workday or the DataMart on Monday, July 12.
  • Any reports run or scheduled/delivered on Monday, July 12 or Tuesday, July 13 may not include all invoice transactions for the June period. It is recommended that reports be re-run to ensure all transactions and balances are accurate.

To find impacted transactions for your cost center(s), run “Detailed Transactions – Yale” with the following parameters:

  • Period = FY21 – JUN
  • Time Period = Current Period
  • Cost Center/Cost Center Hierarchy = enter yours
  • Fund / Fund Hierarchy = this can be left blank; option to limit to hierarchy “OP Funds Budgeted by Units”
  • Ledger Account Type = leave as is for SOA transactions. To see all transactions (including balance sheet), add “Asset” and “Liability”
  • Journal Source = “Supplier Invoice” (Controller’s Office or other Central Finance users may also wish to include “Supplier Invoice Payment” for central asset and liability work)
  • Last Updated Moment >= 07/12/2021 12:00:00 AM

For questions, please contact the Financial Services Center at askfinance@yale.edu.