The Graduate Student Funding Project hits the ground running

July 8, 2021

The Graduate Student Funding Project (formally known as the GSPS Project) is underway to replace Yale’s custom GSPS system, built in 1995. The new system will feature improved utilization of the Student ERP system (Banner), the HR and Finance ERP system (Workday), and a newly developed data mart.

The solution will also eliminate the need for individuals supporting graduate students to learn a custom user interface, and it will provide improved reporting and ADA compliance. The project started in FY20, when a proof of concept was done to validate the use of Banner and Workday, followed by requirements gathering and design work in FY21. Now, in FY22, the build begins as the technical and functional teams ramp up their resources to hit the ground running in July. The new solution must be ready for integrated testing to start in December, training in April 2022, staged in production in May 2022, and implementation in July 2022.

Watch for future updates on this exciting project in IT Update.

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