New subaward validations implemented for supplier invoices and supplier invoice requests

July 21, 2021

To improve the university’s compliance with Subaward invoice requirements, three new critical validations have been implemented in Workday, effective today, for supplier invoices and supplier invoice requests.

These newly implemented critical validations do the following:

  1. Prevent the approval of Subaward supplier contract invoices when the invoice exceeds the remaining balance amount on the supplier contract. The error message will read, “Invoice amount is greater than the balance amount remaining on the supplier contract (Supplier Invoice Event).”

    To resolve, send an email to requesting to un-match the invoice from the supplier contract (provide the SI and CON numbers), add funds to the contract (provide the amount), and rematch the supplier invoice to the revised contract.

  2. Prevent the Cost Center P2P Invoice Specialist from updating COA segments on invoices matched to a Subaward Supplier Contract.

    If the COA is incorrect and needs to be paid outside of the Supplier Contract, contact the OSP Subaward Manager.

  3. Prevent the usage of Spend Category SC217 on Supplier Invoice Requests and on Supplier Invoices that are not matched to a Subaward Supplier Contract.

    The Supplier Contract (CON-xxxxxxxx) can be found on the Subaward agreement. If you cannot locate or are unsure of the correct Supplier Contract number, contact the OSP Subaward Manager. If an unmatch and/or rematch is required, submit a request to to match the invoice to the correct Supplier Contract. Please note that the CON # must be included in your request.  

For questions, please contact the Financial Services Center (FSC) at or 203-432-5394.