PMO introduces two new tools

July 8, 2021

The Portfolio Management Office (PMO) has been busy working with many partners to make governance more visible to the community. Two tools now available from the PMO Sharepoint site are the Long-Range Plan and the IT Governance Dashboard.

Long-Range Plan (LRP) – Established for a five-year horizon, projects and potential projects are included to lay out the spend and timeframes for anticipated work. Pillar Support Staff include work under consideration by their teams, stakeholders and leadership. The proposals are reviewed, prioritized and associated with designated fiscal years through discussions with their Pillar Chairs. Each spring, areas review and update the plan, as well as incorporate information for an additional year.  

IT Governance Dashboard – ITS Governance activities are now included on a dashboard compiled by the Domain Partners who support the requirements: Architecture, ITS Finance, PMO and Service Management Office (SMO).  This view enables stakeholders to see all governance activities by month and category to help them anticipate the time needed for preparation and execution. Stakeholders include: Department Financial Leads, Pillar/Function Points of Contact, Service Owners, Business Partners (SMEs), Application Owners, Service Offering Managers, Project Managers and Pillar Chairs (with Pillar Support Staff).

The reports can be filtered and sorted for a customized view most relevant for the user.  We encourage all ITS resources to preview both tools and send feedback to

The PMO Sharepoint continues to be the hub for a lot of other very useful information that is accessible by all ITS resources:

  • Gating - Training materials, gating calendar, projects’ gating documentation
  • Training – Project management, gating, PPM processes and cycle information
  • Tools and Templates – Project management, gating, business analysis, quality assurance/testing, etc.
  • Capital Project Management Group (CPMG) – Monthly portfolio dashboard, change requests and supplementals presented.  We recently included links to our site from other Teams, Chats and IT resources to simplify access.  We hope that this will enable everyone to leverage the useful information available.
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