Workplace Survey Initiatives Program May-June 2021 update

July 8, 2021

The IT Leadership Team and the ITS Climate, Culture, and Inclusion (CCI) Task Force continue to make workplace improvements through the nine separate initiatives derived from the 2019 Workplace Survey results.

Between May and June 2021, teams working on these initiatives have accomplished the following:

  • Established ITS work from home guidance for staff (Ted Hanss/Sandra Germenis)— The team focused on two things:
    • practical guidance for return to campus through mid-September and hybrid work through December
    • proposals for pilots for CY2022
  • Implemented inclusive recruiting practices (Diane Fusco/Blanche Temple) - Work was completed on this initiative with a presentation given to the IT Leadership Team on May 26. Resource materials and recommendations are available in the Files section of the //">IT at Yale Teams channel. This effort is the result of the collaboration with various individuals including members of Yale’s HR Staffing Team, members of the CCI committee, Blanche Temple, Julienne Hadley, and Karen Polhemus. Many thanks to everyone that participated.
  • Examine total rewards and pay equity/simplify career paths and alignment to market data (Blanche Temple) - Over the last few months the SLT has been working to examine total rewards and pay equity as well as simplify career paths and alignment to market data. We leveraged the new market salary data, which allowed us to work within university guidelines for FY21 merit recommendations. This data also enabled us to align with our pay strategy to address equity and market adjustments for specific roles.
  • Researched “high tech” firm employment practices, culture, and retention strategies (Hadar Call/Kiran Keshav) – This initiative is completed and the final recommendations were shared with the SLT on June 15. The recommendations will be considered in the scope of the overall FY22 ITS goals, which are being drafted by the SLT.
  • Ensuring fairness of opportunity - Extend ITS diversity and inclusion training curriculum (Ann Brainard-Dougan/Sandra Germenis) –The action team has worked with Deb Stanley-McAulay to structure a series of facilitated discussions based on four monologues by Yale employees experiencing bias in the workplace. The structure for the sessions/discussions has been approved by the CCI steering committee and was vetted with the SLT in June. A pilot session will be offered to the IT Leadership Team in early fall 2021. Three additional sessions will be offered to staff in Q2 through Q4 of FY22.  

Previously completed initiatives:

  • Meaningful performance evaluations for all ITS Staff (Assure 1:1 feedback consistency across M&P & C&T) (Sandra Germenis) – All work for this initiative was completed in October 30, 2020, resulting in the publication of recommended practices and resources for managers.
  • Promote transparency and provide access to senior management (Ryan Schlagheck) – The IT Senior Leadership Team (SLT) reviewed and confirmed skip-level meeting guidance, and this information is now available as a resource on the new Performance Feedback website. Skip-level guidance was also added to the New Employee Orientation for Manager/Supervisor reference and reviewed with the IT Leadership Team at the January 27 monthly meeting. The team completed all work for this initiative as of January 29.
  • 25 Science Park safety (John Barden) - Public Safety had Security staff returning to ‘normal’ schedule assignments in April.  They expect to increase presence in the Science Park campus area in coordination with the increase of staff, students and faculty return to campus over the next several months.

For the latest status and to see all of the great work accomplished to date, visit the 74545969114746a7a29fb977c5916659@thread.tacv2&groupId=f7d76f95-e011-43c0-837e-a7460d5197d1">Workplace Survey Improvement Initiatives Monthly Tracker snapshot  on the IT Teams channel, or contact Randal Ritter, Senior Project Manager, Enterprise Reporting & Analytics.

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