Hiring Spotlight – Shirley-Ann Feliciano

August 27, 2021

Since March 2021, Shirley-Ann Feliciano participated in the new career development program created by the New Haven Hiring Initative (NHHI). After five months of training, she managed to secure regular employment. We spoke with Shirley-Ann about this experience, her new position and advises she has for young professionals.

You participated in the New Haven Hiring Initiative’s newly created on-the-job training program. Can you tell us about that experience?
At the beginning of 2021, I had the opportunity to begin an on-the-job training opportunity at the Yale University Police Department (YUPD). Although there were challenges due to the current pandemic, I learned the importance of flexibility and creative thinking within a work setting. Putting into practice what I have learned during my academic career has broadened my understanding and further solidified my passion for the field. I have had the opportunity to learn valuable knowledge from former FBI agents, chiefs from other departments, and other professionals. One highlight of the on-the-job training was the opportunity to learn new analytic software and sharpen my technical skills (e.g., Excel, Power BI, Records Management Systems, etc.) while working on proactive-policing projects. 

After five months, you managed to secure a permanent Compliance and Crime Analyst role. Tell us more about your current position?
As the YUPD’s Compliance and Crime Analyst, I work closely with Yale Security and the police command staff to ensure our community is safe. Using robust data and the knowledge I acquired during my undergraduate and graduate academic career – I have found opportunities to present new ideas that enable our officers to continue working efficiently. Additionally, I have become a member of the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA) and International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) to continue to obtain current knowledge I can share with my department and colleagues. 

You are also a New Haven Promise scholar and former intern at Yale. How did that shape your experience?
As a New Haven Promise (NHP) scholar, I can confidently say that the support I received from NHP was a constant reminder that the hard work I had put in would not be in vain. The opportunities given to me to intern at Yale and connect with other NHP partners were invaluable. I am incredibly appreciative of the workshops provided and the advice throughout the last six years. 

What is your advice for recent grads and young professionals looking for employment?
To all recent graduates and young professionals seeking the careers they are passionate about, I would encourage viewing each season as an opportunity to become a life-long learner. Whether or not the internship or position the person is currently in correlates directly with the desired career path, there is much one can learn. Secondly, I would advise everyone to embrace perseverance. The year 2020 proved how resilient we truly are, and that same resiliency must drive us to follow our passion.