Taking a leap of faith

September 24, 2021

Ron Lipkins and Denval Lawrence recently checked something big off their bucket list — skydiving! Ron is Director of Human Resources Innovation and Strategic Support (HRISS), and Denval is a Business Solutions Junior Architect in HRISS. Neither had ever skydived before, but both had talked about trying it and decided to take the leap together.

In early September, they drove up to Skydive Danielson in Danielson, Connecticut. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning when they suited up andDenval Lawrence

boarded a turbine-propelled airplane. Once at 14,000 feet strapped to licensed instructors, they leaped out of the moving plane for a 60-second freefall and parachuting to the ground.

“It was an amazing experience. Nothing says team building more than taking a leap of faith together. We think fear is something that can be irrational if not faced head-on. Skydiving is one of those things that bring about tremendous fear. This experience gave us both new perspectives of what it feels like to face our fears and the more tangible perspective of how beautiful the sky is when embracing the entire experience. It was so much fun,” said Denval.

Ron and Denval are already talking about their next dive and hope more members of the HRISS team will join them.Ron Lipkins