Tips for sending requests for University Purchasing Cards (P-Cards)

September 1, 2021

To help streamline University Purchasing Card (P-Card) request processing, Procurement has compiled the following tips to use when submitting requests through

  • The subject line of the request should be as descriptive as possible. See examples below:
    • New Card Request
    • Cancellation
    • Replacement Card
    • Lost Card
    • Temporary Suspension
    • LOA
    • New Plastic (strip not working)
    • Name Change
    • Travel Limit Change
    • Supply Limit Change
    • Cycle Limit Change
  • To avoid creating duplicate cases please respond directly to the email from the P-Card team. If the email is not available, please reference the case number. 
  • Exceptions, New Card, and Temporary Suspension requests should come from the Operations Manager or Lead Administrator to avoid the need to route for approvals. 
  • When requesting a New Card, Operations Managers need to provide a passcode on the application. Passcodes cannot include the word Yale, cannot contain special characters, or be more than 8 characters in length.
  • Do not request a P-Card for an employee until the individual’s first day as an employee. Their information is not active in Workday until they begin working, and therefore cannot be verified.
  • Online agreements must be completed before University P-Cards are processed. The cardholder must respond to the P-Card Team using the email sent from
For additional information please refer to the Yale Policy and Procedures:  Purchasing Card Policy 3215.