YaleSites platform upgrade: Drupal 7 to Drupal 9

September 9, 2021


  • Yale ITS is partnering with the Office of Public Affairs & Communications on a multi-year project to transition YaleSites, Yale’s web-publishing service, hosted on Drupal 7 to an upgraded version—Drupal 9.
  • The upgrade will be available to all current YaleSites administrators and departments currently hosting websites on other platforms. (This service is not available to organizations within the Yale School of Medicine.)
  • The project team is currently engaged with members of the YaleSites community to capture their platform experience. ITS will continue to ask for feedback, provide project updates, and provide training information throughout the project.


The redesigned platform will enable site administrators to better communicate to and connect with their audiences on a web platform that is unified, inclusive, user-focused, standardized, and sustainable.

The upgraded platform will offer site administrators:

  • An improved experience, resulting in less time troubleshooting and more time communicating.
  • A design system and web component library to unify the look and feel across digital properties.
  • Accessible, reusable features that work on a variety of devices, promote interoperability between sites, and provide mechanisms to share content across sites.
  • Tools, documentation, and structure for continuous improvement of content and code.  
  • Analytics to support audience and site performance insights.

The redesigned platform will also provide the YaleSites community with accessible and usable navigation and content for an exceptional user experience.   

Need help?

If you have a question regarding this project or want to participate in the user experience research, please contact the YaleSites Team at YaleSitesUpgradeProgram@yale.edu.

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