Partnership With Schwarzman Center

October 29, 2021

In light of the recent opening of the Schwarzman Center, we had a chance to talk with Daryl McMillan, Bonnie Kramm, and Meg O’Brien from their business office. Bonnie and Meg shared their experience partnering with the New Haven Hiring Initiative (NHHI) and working with Daryl. Also, we had a chance to learn more about Daryl’s new role and his favorite places at the Schwarzman Center.

You participated in NHHI’s resident training program. Tell us more about that experience?
After I received my bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Assumption University, I worked in the property management field as a general manager for over 11 years. In October 2019, I became a member of New Haven Works, where I received one-on-one coaching and advice on resume writing and interview preparation. I am sure this preparation resulted in me getting my current role. NHHI presented my resume to the Schwarzman Center; I interviewed shortly after that and landed the position. I owe many thanks to my New Haven Works job coach and the New Haven Hiring Initiative team!

Tell us more about your current role?
I am currently a Financial Assistant in the business office of the Schwarzman Center, reporting to the Business Manager. My role supports the department by maintaining accurate financial activity, reviewing financial transactions, processing expense reports, supplier setups, supplier invoices, purchase requisitions, and purchase orders. I also assist with the supervision of student employees, including hiring, onboarding, and timecard approval. Also, as a Financial Assistant for the Schwarzman Center business office, I have been able to enjoy the food tastings/testings from “The Commons” dining hall and afternoon treats from “The Elm” located in the “Underground.” I look forward to the opening of “The Well” in the future.

What are your tips for success?
My advice for those trying to gain regular employment at Yale is to stick to the New Haven Works “process” no matter how long it takes! I became a member at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. After 15 months of limited services at NHW, I received a call from my amazing coach Erica Petropoulos. She helped me develop my resume and cover letter to apply for positions within the university. Most importantly, Erica prepared me for the actual interview process itself. I would encourage New Haven residents to register with New Haven Works; it worked out great for me!

Our NHHI candidates’ applications and materials were very well prepared. The candidates also came to their interviews with an understanding of the Schwarzman Center’s mission and the position for which they were interviewing.

Daryl’s lifelong ties to the New Haven community (and connection to the Yale Commons) have brought a valuable perspective to the Schwarzman Center since one part of our mission is to serve the New Haven community. Bonnie Kramm, Business Manager, Schwarzman Center

We feel like we have established a solid partnership working with NHHI. I loved that the NHHI team gets to know the candidates and provides extremely insightful and helpful information. NHHI really vets the candidates carefully and makes the process streamlined and efficient. I cannot stress what a perfect fit Daryl has been at the Schwarzman Center. Daryl is friendly, helpful and has been nicknamed the “Mayor of Schwarzman.” I feel we are very lucky to have him on board, and I know the rest of the staff totally agree. Meg O’Brien, Director of Finance and Administration, Schwarzman Center